Upcoming Events

  • Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce Virtual Debate [Sep 15/21]

    Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce Virtual Debate

    Wednesday, Sep 15, 5:30 – 7:00pm

    Click here to watch.

  • Gold River - Meet n Greet [Sep 11]

    Dr. Stacey will be in Gold River Saturday, Sep. 10 from 9:00am till noon for Meet n Greet with the community. Stop by for a chat!


    425 Nimpkish Drive Parkview Apt.
    South Parking Lot

  • Campbell River [Sep 10]

    Dr. Stacey will be at Willow Park Estuary for a Meet n Greet with song.

    Friday, Sep. 10 from 9:00am till noon for Meet n Greet with the community. Stop by for a chat!


    2603-2625 S Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC V9W 6N6
    (where the parking lot has the public washrooms and Totem Pole)

  • Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Virtual Debate [Sep 09/21]

    Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Virtual Debate

    Thursday, Sep 9, 2:00-5:00pm

    Click here to watch.


  • Gold River [Sep 6-7/21]

    Details pending

  • Powell River - Willingdon Beach Park [Sep 05/21]

    Gone fishin’!

    ….. for some great conversations 😉

  • Powell River Mall [Sep 03/21]

    Dr. Stacey will be at the Powell River Mall from 12:30 till 2pm. Stop by for a chat!

    ******* Update *******

    “So many great conversations today. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, your support is truly appreciated.” – Dr. Stacey

  • "Community Connections” with Dr. Stacey Gastis

    Dr. Stacey hosted live zoom town halls called “Community Connections”. Each evening at 7pm folks could join in to discuss local solutions to the problems that affect us all.

    Get your zoom link here Community Connections Zoom Link

  • In the News

  • North Island-Powell River Maverick Party candidate ready to speak for the west [Sep 16]

    Elections are always a time when unusual ideas – and brand new political parties – find their way into public conversation, and this year is no different. This election, North Island-Powell River will have a candidate running with the Maverick Party, formerly known as.. read more

  • North Island-Powell River All Candidates Debate: Housing [Sep 14]

    During the all candidates debate held last week by the Campbell River and District Chamber of Commerce, housing was one of the main topics of discussion. The full video of the debate is available on the chamber’s YouTube page.  Six of the seven candidates took part in the debate, with the People’s Party of Canada candidate declining the invitation to participate. The video started with an introductory statement from all of the candidates before … read more

  • North Island-Powell River riding profile and candidates [Sep 9]

    North Island-Powell River encompasses Powell River on the mainland and part of north Vancouver Island, including Campbell River, Comox, Port Hardy and Port McNeill.

    Size: 57,911 square kilometres
    Population: 105,466
    Registered voters: 92,313
    Current MP: Rachel Blaney, NDP

    In the past: This was read more

  • Federal election: North Island faces new realities [Sep 05]

    Sep. 05, 2021 |Times Colonist | JACK KNOX

    The thing is, in some ways the gap between the two ends of the riding might be narrowing. No matter where they live, ask people on the street what matters to them in this election and the answers are largely the same: climate, the natural world, jobs (including the current labour shortage) and, increasingly, affordability.

    Read more

  • Here are all the B.C. candidates running in the 2021 federal election [Sep 04]

    Sep 04, 2021 | CBC News, BC

    And we’re off! On Aug. 15, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called a snap federal election.

    Election day is Sept. 20 and CBC News will be covering all the issues leading up to that date.

    It has only been two years since the last federal election, but the governing Liberal Party of Canada is currently a minority government. Most political scientists suggest the party is hoping to secure a majority.

    So far, some hot button issues in B.C. include the Fairy Creek logging protests, affordable housing and calling an election while thousands of people were displaced during one of the province’s worst wildfire seasons on record.

    Read more

  • Federal election candidates on Vancouver Island [Sep 02]

    Sep 02, 2021 | Times Colonist

    Here is the full list of federal election candidates in Vancouver Island’s seven ridings. Nominations for the Sept. 20 vote have now closed.

    Read more

  • Local veterinarian selected as Maverick Party candidate in upcoming federal election [Aug 13]

    Aug. 13, 2021 | Campbell River Mirror | SEAN FEAGAN

    Dr. Stacey Gastis, a Comox-area veterinarian, has been selected as the Maverick Party candidate for North Island-Powell River in the next federal election. Gastis is a newcomer to politics, but “sees a monumental yet achievable goal of bringing power and a voice of reason to Ottawa from the west so western families can thrive and reach their full potential,” read more