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About Maverick Party

  • Mission Statement

    To achieve greater fairness and self-determination for western Canadians through:
    (a) constitutional change, or
    (b) the creation of an independent nation
    For details see the MAVERICK PARTY Twin-track Approach.

  • Guiding Principles
    1. We believe the rights, freedoms, and security of all who live in Western Canada must be respected and protected regardless of age, ability, ancestry, race, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. These rights will include the ownership of property free from confiscation without proper compensation.
    2. We believe the distinct culture and work ethic of the West must be honoured and preserved while striving to evolve and improve. We are proud of our heritage and will not attempt to rewrite our history.
    3. We believe in grassroots, bottom-up democracy. We will be guided by Western common sense and core free market values, and our policies will reflect the will of our people.
    4. We believe that every citizen is entitled to fair and equal access to quality education, timely healthcare and to live free of fear for their personal safety.
    5. We believe in building a party that values personal contributions, and where personal differences are respected.
    6. We believe the responsibility of a properly functioning justice system is to protect the innocent and ensure adequate deterrence of the guilty.
    7. We believe in establishing a party to best represent westerners by welcoming a broad-based membership. With no affiliation to any provincial party, we encourage our members to join, support and volunteer for whichever provincial party they believe best represents their views.
    8. We believe that every vote in the House of Commons by our MPs must be put to one simple test: Is our support, or opposition, good for the West and our citizens.
  • Twin Track Approach

    Many Western Canadians are not ready to abandon their ties to Canada, so the MAVERICK Party has adopted a TWIN-TRACK APPROACH to achieve greater fairness and self-determination for Western Canadians.

    TRACK A involves Constitutional Change, while TRACK B proposes the creation of a Western Nation. These will be conducted concurrently as we build towards greater autonomy.

    * See more under Constitutional Change

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  • Constitutional Change


    The Maverick Party (www.maverickparty.ca) was launched in June 2020 to give Western Canadians an alternate voting option, one that would address the decades-long impediments to growth and prosperity
    in the West, many of which can be traced directly to the Constitution of Canada. Recognizing that many Western Canadians are not ready to abandon their ties to Canada, the Maverick Party has taken a twin-track approach that is incorporated into our Mission Statement: To achieve greater fairness and self-determination for Western Canadians through: a) Constitutional Change, or b) the Creation of a Western Nation. This will reinforce to those currently not supportive of independence that nothing will change until the West does.

    After months of consultation with legal professionals and constitutional experts, the Maverick Party has published the Constitutional Amendments (TRACK A) we will be asking of the federal government as part of our “Save Canada” approach. This will be done concurrently with growing the support for an independent Western Nation (TRACK B).


    #1 MARKET ACCESS Amendment

    Intent of this Amendment: To provide greater clarity to all provinces, the federal government, and the judiciary that a province has the right to bring its natural resources to market for the benefit of the province and its residents.

    #2 PROVINCIAL RIGHTS Amendment

    Intent of this Amendment: To guard against arbitrary intrusion by Ottawa into areas of provincial jurisdiction or interests without prior consent.

    #3 PROPERTY RIGHTS Amendment

    Intent of this Amendment: To include the right to own property alongside the other fundamental individual rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


    Intent of this Amendment: To ensure that no federal government seeks to revive the now-obsolete power of disallowance or reservation of provincial legislation.


    Intent of this Amendment: To improve democracy in Canada and to invite greater citizen input into Canadian self-government. This amendment would replace the appointed, unequal, ineffective and archaic upper chamber with a Triple-E Senate. It would simultaneously modernize the House of Commons by removing the constitutional requirement that no province shall have fewer members in the House of Commons than it has Senators. This parliamentary reform would ensure greater adherence to the principle of representation-by-population in the House of Commons (discounting the Territories) and curb the ever-growing number of Members of Parliament.


    Since our launch in June 2020, the Maverick Party has adopted a twin-track approach to engage Western Canadians; those who have not abandoned their belief that changes to the current constitution will
    provide a better future for Western Canadians, and those who believe nothing will change for the better until we achieve an independent Western Nation. While we are advocating to give Canada one last opportunity to make the constitutional changes that will finally provide fairness to our western region, we will simultaneously continue building towards independence, should central and eastern Canada reject our entreaties.

  • MAVERICK Party's Policy Platform

    Our platform is a compilation of input and feedback from our members, supporters, EDA President and EDA Boards, Maverick Party Governing Council, candidates, interim party leader, as well as input from industry and constitutional experts, and the Alberta Fair Deal panel.

    The Policy Platform was presented and voted upon by Maverick Party member delegates at our founding convention in August 2021, and was approved by 99%.

    As always, it is a reflection of what is best for the West, without compromise or any attempt to appease voters in Central and Eastern Canada.

    To view the Policy Platform in it’s entirety, visit Policy Platform | Maverick Party

  • True Western Representation

    Maverick Party Members of Parliament will always defend the best interests of Western Canadians and only support legislation that benefits their constituents and the West.

  • Sustainable Prosperous Future

    Maverick Party believes the future belongs to our youth and generations to follow. We must be stewards of our land, natural resources, technology, and the environment to ensure a healthy and prosperous tomorrow, with equal access to unlimited opportunities.

  • Market Western Resources

    Mavrick Party advocates for the development of all western natural resources while expanding our ability to get them to our chosen markets, including the development and expansion of pipelines, railways and roadways.

  • Putting Families First

    Maverick Party believes families should choose the best childcare options for their children with the support of tax credits or direct financial support. We advocate for the review of services provided to our seniors and veterans to ensure they are adequately compensated in their retirement.

  • Fairness or Freedom

    Maverick Party supports greater provincial autonomy in critical areas such as taxation, pensions, immigration, and policing. Our Twin Track approach outlines our support to end the equalization formula, scrap all carbon taxes and implement 5 proposed constitutional amendments. We support the use of referenda for citizens to have their say.

  • Justice for All

    Maverick Party believes citizens have the right to defend themselves, their family and home, and the right to own land and property free from confiscation. We believe law abiding citizens should not be penalized for owning firearms but those using guns for criminal purposes must face serious consequences.