frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about splitting the vote? We don't want Trudeau re-elected!

    The harsh reality is, the election outcome is decided before it even reaches the Manitoba border, because the majority of the seats are held in Ontario and Quebec. Conservative or Liberal, any Prime Minister and MPs will always work to please the East – regardless of party. They want to be in power or stay in power.

    Maverick Party is fielding candidates in ridings where the CPC holds such a large majority , that even if the vote were split, neither a Liberal nor an NDP would be likely to succeed. This ensures either a Maverick or a CPC candidate would be elected as MP.

    Here’s a great video that shows why vote splitting will not be an issue

  • Is Maverick a separatist party?

    The Maverick Party promotes a twin-track approach: Track A advocates substantial Constitutional Change, and Track B promotes seeking an Independent Western Nation via referendum.

  • Why can't we just separate now?

    Referendums on separation must be triggered by provincial governments and enacted by the federal government via the Clarity Act.

    The Federal Government and sitting MPs must agree on the referendum question (this was enacted because the Quebec referendum question was so confusing, it skewed the results.

    While a referendum on independence is done at a provincial level, there is a valuable role in this for a Federal party in this process.

  • Are you affiliated with Wexit, Wildrose or Buffalo Party?

    We are not affiliated with any provincial party, much like Federal and Provincial parties of the same name aren’t affiliated.

    Because Maverick Party has a twin track approach, we do not share the same priorities as any provincial party.

  • Why aren't you doing more than talking?

    We are doing much more than talking! Since September when the Maverick Party was launched, we have published our guiding principles and policy platform, drafted Constitutional Amendments, established our twin-track approach, set up riding associations, approved candidates.

    We have also done local and national media, held countless live and Zoom meet and greets and info sessions, filmed and posted videos, distributed a regular newsletter, sold memberships and built a Party base, installed billboards, ran newspaper ad campaigns, Facebook targeted ad campaigns, and so much more.

  • What have you done to help Western independence?

    For Maverick Party to gain credibility and the numbers required to hold a referendum on independence, we must maintain a professional presence, with a balanced approach to communications and policy positions, based on what’s best for the West, not all of Canada.

    We do not seek or engage in extreme positions or causes of the day. By maintaining our focused, consistent, and sincere approach, we are gaining new members who would otherwise never consider an independent West. 

  • What happens to our CPP if we separate?

    Your CPP is your own, you earned it. It doesn’t matter where you live, you’re still eligible. That won’t change should we achieve independence.

    If we become an independent nation, there will be considerable negotiating on issues such as government pensions (military, public servants, RCMP, etc.) and OAS. Consider if equalization payments are renegotiated or scrapped, the west will have considerably more funds at its disposal to care for seniors, the vulnerable and those less fortunate.

  • What is Maverick Party's stance on social conscience issues?

    Maverick Party’s mission is to bring greater autonomy, respect for, and true representation to Western Canada. We will not allow this focus to be overshadowed by debate on social issues that have already been determined.

    Maverick Party will remain focused on issues that directly impact Western Canadians relating to jobs, industry, the economy and Constitutional reform. We will not be diverted by already-determined social issues.